The world's most popular open source digital signage solution. Turn any TV into a powerful digital sign.

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How Anthias Works

Anthias can turn a Raspberry Pi into a powerful digital sign that shows your content in minutes.

Free, open-source digital signage software

Access Anthias on GitHub and start managing content on your screens immediately.

Display images, web pages, and video content

Display multiple content types in beautiful 1080p Full HD resolution.

Intuitive interface & content scheduling

Easily add, remove, and schedule content on local network screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anthias is free, open-source digital signage management software built by Screenly, Inc. Screenly is a paid digital signage solution that is better suited for professional digital signage installations with multiple screens. You can learn more about Screenly at the link here. Screenly is a better choice over Anthias if the user wants to manage multiple screens from a single account, cloud-based screen management, enterprise-grade user management, and professional support.

Anthias is the right choice if users are OK with managing each screen individually, are comfortable working with Linux, and do not need support, hosting, or security updates. Users are better suited with the paid digital signage solution Screenly when they have more than one screen, want an "out-of-the-box" ready solution, and need support, cloud hosting, and security updates.

Anthias runs on single-board Raspberry Pi hardware, which is a widely used platform known for its accessibility and affordability. Anthias offers disk images that work with Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3, and 4 models. In addition to a Raspberry Pi, you will need a physical screen to display your content. This screen can be any screen that accepts HDMI input. Learn more about how to get started on our GitHub page